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Writing Beautiful Papers

Graphic Design Principles for Academic Authors

A one-time session on principles of graphic design for authoring academic writings.

Do you want higher chances for your papers to get accepted?
Of course you do. 

Graphic design has proven impact on readers - we should use it in our advantage!

In this session I cover bare basics in graphic design and typography, and implications for writing papers (mostly, but also other documents), including:

  • Designing "flowing" text: white / negative space, orphans&widows, gutters, and more.
  • Designing diagrams: Gestalt principles, color schemes, visual narratives, and more.
  • Designing quantitative data graphs: data-ink ratio, picking the right graph, and more.
  • Designing figures: scaling&spacing, normalizing colors, and more.
  • Practicalities: Rules of thumb, packages and software

Books referenced in the talk:

Slides and video recording follow:

Watching is recommended at x1.5 speed.